About Avantgarde Energetic

Quantum physics has fundamentally altered our ideas about the world as understood in terms of classical physics. Quantum physics describes the behaviour and interaction of the smallest particles. It forms the basis of many other disciplines, such as chemistry, biology and microbiology. Everything is different in the quantum world. This is a world ruled by uncertainty. We are operating here in the realm of probabilities. We are therefore forced to question the reality we take for granted: is the world really just as we perceive it to be through our senses? Can we indeed even talk about the smallest particles? What is matter? According to the new perspective of quantum physics matter does not exist, everything is energy. Flux and change is the universe’s prevailing characteristic. It is not matter that undergoes flux and change, but information. Energy – of any kind – is the driving substance that is able to transport information through space. Quantum physics has already altered our day-to-day lives. Groundbreaking new insights and opportunities are yet to follow.

The manufacturers of Avantgarde Energetic products utilise new insights gleaned from quantum physics. They proceed on the assumption that a specific energetic value can be transmitted to support material. With this energetic value it is also possible to transmit information at the same time. The information technology is an Avantgarde procedure that offers unimagined possibilities. Avantgarde Energetic is striving to make these new possibilities available to people through a range of selected products.

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