Frequency protection

We can hardly imagine a normal day without a mobile phone, computer or wireless any more. These communication devices have become fully integrated into our lives, where they definitely have their rightful place. Yet these devices also bring problems. Thus there are increasing numbers of people who react sensitively to the electro-magnetic radiation frequencies emitted by mobile radio antennae, mobile phones, DECT phones and computers. Their reactions display a variety of symptoms, such as:

· insomnia
· difficulty concentrating
· anxiety, irritability
· headaches
· dizziness
· etc.

Since the symptoms are manifold and can vary for each individual, with the increasing strain of electro-smog spotting the link is not particularly easy. This is also a challenge when carrying out the appropriate studies.

More and more people are unsettled by the rapid growth of problematic radiation frequencies. For instance, demands have been made for the radiation limits to be adjusted downwards. Why does the electro-magnetic radiation from, e.g., transmission masts now lead to the aforementioned problems? To some extent, every living body is an electrical conductor. The body’s electrical conductivity is essential for the information transmission between cells and nerve pathways and extremely important for triggering various biochemical processes. Our hearts are controlled by electrical impulses. The problem is now that technical radiation frequencies can resonate with frequencies in the body and thereby interfere with the information transferral, which can result in various complaints. It is thus a case of protecting oneself from problematic frequencies, without at the same time having to relinquish modern means of communication.

Avantgarde Energetic offers easy to use devices from RayGuard, to enable protection for your body, home and office. The devices work with the characteristics of quartz and other minerals, that have long been famous, which can absorb various radiation patterns and transform these into frequencies that are more compatible with biological systems. The resonance takes place in the device and not in the body, which, in turn, is thereby unburdened.

Avantgarde Energetic has further developed the innovative Energy Badge. This not only looks suspiciously cult, but combines two pioneering technologies in a single badge. The badge absorbs problematic radiation frequencies from mobile phones and transforms these into forms compatible with the body. An energetic value was additionally integrated into the badge, that subtly transmits this to the body and thereby maintains well-being. The badge can be attached to mobile phones, computers, laptops, telephones and other devices.

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