Humans are complex beings and cannot be understood purely from a biological point of view. Within the space of a single second, 100,000 chemical processes are taking place in the body. The complex interaction of the various processes shows that everything is interconnected. Light, too, plays an important role regarding information transmission within the body on a cellular level.
Quantum physics has radically altered the previous prevailing view of the world. There are phenomena that are inexplicable in terms of the theories of classical physics. Quantum physics has given us new insights into the world of the microscopic and has simultaneously highlighted new opportunities. Quantum physics now plays a quintessential role as the foundation of research and reasoning in various disciplines such as physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, and even in philosophy and theology. Research activity in the field of quantum physics and its sub-domains is more vital and exciting than ever.
In this regard, water, quite simply the basis of all life, gains the attention it truly deserves. Water is an element with which we are in daily contact, without really utilising and appreciating its outstanding characteristics. Some of water’s astonishing characteristics are described below to really emphasise its key importance:

• Circa 70% of the body of an adult human is made up of water, indeed the brain is c. 90% water.
• We can only use 1% of the drinking water in the world.
• Water is an information reservoir.
• Water has a power of recall.
• Water can adopt various physical states, from liquid to gaseous to solid.
• The structure of water can only be changed by thought (the Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto has demonstrated this several times with impressive experiments).
• Water is a mediating medium. We know today that the body remembers the water of its birthplace.
• 1ml of “good water” can reinvigorate 60l of “dead water”.
• Water conducts: within a split second, a shark can perceive blood that has been diluted a billion-fold over long distances, thanks to its highly sensitive sense of smell.
• Water possesses an energetic quality that can be altered.
• Water cannot display a living structure, in spite of cleanliness and a sufficient proportion of minerals.
• Water can be re-structured and this is where we come in:

Cells in the body absorb the water we drink within 30 seconds. After 1 minute this water reaches the brain, after 10 minutes it is absorbed by the skin cells and after 20 minutes the water is being processed in the kidneys and liver.
As a result of this knowledge our attention should be focussed on “good” water. Good water is clean water (our tap water) that contains sufficient minerals (if the water is filtered these essential minerals are removed) and that is energetically valuable.
To obtain energetically valuable water this water needs to be restructured. Pure source water is highly structured and vital. Tap water lacks these characteristics, since there are too many factors depriving the water of energetic value.
Thanks to new insights from quantum physics, it is possible to structure, inform and vitalise water even without direct contact with the water. As already discussed, the information in the water can also be altered through thought. Information can, however, also be transmitted (with magnets) to water through energetic oscillation frequencies. As Masaru Emoto has shown on numerous occasions, even music alters the crystalline structure of water.
The AquaKat structures your water. This easy to assemble device makes the quality of the altered water immediately visible. The water is softer and subtler. This means, for example, that you will need less shampoo. Plants will flourish more. There will be less calcium deposited on appliances and the minimal calcium deposits can easily be dissolved. You will gain an increased sense of well-being.
With many issues such as insufficient intake of water, unbalanced and inadequate diet, etc., poor behaviour will not have an immediate visible effect. Many people pay little or no attention to the value of food and water and often let themselves be ruled by habit. Over a longer period of time, the effects of poor behaviour will always become apparent, yet these effects will only rarely be attributed to the actual poor behaviour. It cannot be emphasised often enough that good quality water is one of the critical elements in sustaining and invigorating our bodies.
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