Body energetics

Since time immemorial, the traditions of Chinese medicine have tried to connect the coherencies between the microcosm and the macrocosm. It is a matter of finding out which internal and external causes lead to illness. Health is nothing more than harmony and balance between the organism (the inner being, the microcosm) and the surrounding environment (the external, the macrocosm). As a consequence, a certain polarity always exists in the human organism and also in the surrounding world, as also between environment and humans. One of the central concepts of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is that of Qi. This Qi is generally translated as “energy”. It indicates a subtle form of energy, whose sphere of influence is only visible indirectly. Thus a potential physical illness always finds expression in a change in the quality of the Qi and, in fact, this generally happens before the onset of the illness. A Chinese doctor therefore first treats the disturbed Qi flow and only afterwards treats the body itself.

Avantgarde Energetic aims to combine traditional knowledge and modern technologies and to make these useful to people in the modern, technology-driven world, with all the challenges involved. With Phiten there is a wealth of products available that focus on restoring and preserving the balance of body energy. Phiten have been used for around 25 years by elite athletes and amateur sports enthusiasts alike. Phiten products have proved themselves to be very effective in the case of lifestyle illnesses too, such as back pain and joint problems, and also in the case of actively supporting recovery. They are also ideal in combination with, for example, a specialist physiotherapy or sports medical treatment.

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