Phiten lifestyle

 In this product group Phiten primarily incorporates items that are lifestyle-oriented. These products are associated with a corresponding functionality.

They are constantly adapted to the prevailing trends. We think that healthy living should also have aesthetic appeal. The Phiten wellness products influence your well-being on a daily basis and also have on-trend appeal.

Some items are produced only in limited quantities and are sometimes only available for a short time.


Phiten plasters and massage

The plasters can be applied in a targeted and precise fashion to different parts of the body, to relieve tension. The plasters ease and relax the muscles.

The massage products help to restore the balance in the body through gentle application. Both the plasters and the massage lotions promote muscle extensibility.


Phiten bandages

 The Phiten AquaTitanium bandages vitalise the joints or back and give the muscles greater extensibility. They are coated inside with microscopic particles of titanium. They ensure a comfortable fit and can be worn when playing sport on just on an everyday basis.

By balancing the electrical currents the bandages help to encourage blood circulation and keep the joints warm.


Phiten lounge wear

Thanks to the AquaTitanium incorporated into the textiles, Phiten has equipped these items of clothing with a capability found nowhere else in the world. The textiles have a relaxing effect and restore a sense of well-being to the body, even during the often stressful situations of everyday life.

Skin is our greatest sense organ and it has innumerable nerve endings that relay a constant stream of impressions back to our brain. As a result of these sensors the brain reacts, for example, to cold or heat and instructs the body on how to adapt to each new situation through the autonomic nervous system.


Phiten miscellaneous

In this category we present those products that do not clearly fall within one or the other grouping.

These are important products that support us in many ways in day-to-day life. 20 years of experience from Japan have shown that even these ancillary products can be extremely useful.